Current & Upcoming Events

On the first Friday of every month, Beaufort River Glass showcases the works of a new artist. A reception is held from 5-8 pm, provided with finger foods and beverages. Come on the evening of the event and meet the artist

Do join us for First Friday on April 7th.

December 2nd – January 31st: Wayne Chambers, Paints from Maine to Guatemala

Wayne Chambers’, Paints from Maine to Guatemala, is a retrospective show that exhibits his journeys through life and through art. Wayne is a known watercolor artist living in the Savannah area who specializes in scenes of historical homes. He has traveled a great deal in his lifetime and documented it through his paintings. The translucent quality and gesture like movements of his brush transport you from Maine to the tropics of Guatemala. Come see a glimpse of his life’s work in watercolor. 

November 4th – November 30th: Skyler Sullivan, Nature’s Escape

Skyler Sullivan is a local glass artist who creates impressive stained glass mosaics with re- purposed window frames. Producing fantastical scenes of dramatic sunrises, sunsets, and crashing waves, Skyler’s interpretation of the Southeast is truly something to behold. Nature’s Escape encompasses his view of nature through amplified light, color, and abstract forms.

October 7th – November 1st: Eva Elena Espinosa, Natural Abstractions

Eva Elena Espinosa’s exhibit, “Natural Abstractions,” is a series of paintings reflecting the beauty of nature with a stylized approach. Eva appropriates from nature it’s brilliant colors and spirit of creation. Influenced by her home country of Panama, her subject matter revolves around exotic nature. Her work embodies the spirit and culture of Panama. By using a broad range of vivid colors, she captivates the artistry of the natural world. Big, bold and close-up, her choice of colors and forms imbue a sense of life and energy into her work. “Natural Abstractions” is a journey of her view of nature and it’s great importance in our daily lives.

September 2nd – October 5th: Becky Marshall, “Abstract Imagination”

Becky Marshall’s exhibit “Abstract Imagination” is a series of abstract paintings reflective of her time spent as a children’s art teacher as well as her love of the Low Country. Exploring the boundaries between color, form, and texture, Becky has created a series that will broaden one’s imagination and allow for a unique individual perspective on each piece.

July 1st – August 3rd: Eric Horan, “Beholding Nature”

Eric Horan is a local photographer and naturalist, who captures the spirit and beauty of the Southeast through his stunning images of natural landscapes and wildlife inhabitants. His book, “Beholding Nature,” is available in store and conveys what it’s like to live on the Southeastern coast. “Eric Horan’s photographs transport us into the boat, onto the shore and knee-deep into the marsh.” – Doug Gardner, PBS Televsion Wild Photo Adventures. Deeply in tune with nature and the natural history of the land, Eric Horan’s show is not one to miss! 

June 3rd – June 28th: Charlotte Holmes Murray, “Broken into Beautiful”

Charlotte Holmes Murray’s, “Broken into Beautiful,” is a series about vulnerability, strength, endurance and determination. It explores the beauty in imperfection with bold and exciting color, brought to life through oil paint on canvas.   

May 6th – May 31st: Lucy McTier, “Turning Tides”

Lucy McTier is a world renown portraitist but explores her passion for the sea and wildlife with bright, vibrant colors in, “Turning Tides.” Her love for animals and concern for conservation shows through in her multi-faceted work.