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Billy Wilkie

Billy Wilkie is a self-taught artist that grew up right here in the Low Country area.

Billy’s work highlights his passion for Lowcountry landscapes, wildlife and birds.

Billy studied under master water colorist Zoltan Szabo wherein he refined his ideas and formed his own very unique style.

Each painting is a one of a kind masterpiece.

From the Artist:

Here is what I have to say about my art career and stuff:
The very first time I picked up a paint brush and started painting I suddenly experienced this overwhelming feeling that I was doing something very good for myself. I had this really big smile.
I love and enjoy the process of making a new painting from start to finish and when I’m done I’m pleased  but very excited to start the next one.
When someone views my work and they too smile then I am completely validated as a successful working artist .
Billy Wilkie

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