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Fairy Ball Orange/Blue


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The Fairy Collection invites well-being and positive energy to all. Each piece in the Fairy Collection features a story inspired by the fairy in its name.  Imagine fairies dancing among the vibrant colors and enticing good fortune. The color application in this collection showcases a beautiful mix of vibrant and pastel transparent glass, mixed with milky white opaque glass to create a truly magical appearance.

“For the fairies of the blooms grow in all conditions and seek to make a more colorful world.” The Fairy Orb is a wonderful accent piece and a perfect gift to lift the spirit, inviting well-being and positive energy into your surroundings. Imagine fairies dancing among the vibrant colors and enticing good fortune to all who take pleasure in this beautiful ornament. This ornament is hand blown with a mixture of vibrant colors and beautiful opaque white glass. The interior webbing that runs from bottom to top adds an undeniably enchanting element to this piece.

Each orb is 3″ in diameter.

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