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Half Moon Drop Earrings – Dark Teal


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Half Moon Drop Earrings

These gorgeous earrings are created with Borosilicate glass, the most durable form of glass!

1.25 diam. Semi circle, sterling silver hooks.
The white shades and the shadows that you see on the different pieces of jewelry are actually caused by sunlight refracting inside the glass as they were being photographed, creating an inner glow and motion effect. One of the reasons why Perfecto Glass Jewelry is so unique and memorable.

About the Artist:

Bryce and Paola Tippner are the husband-and-wife team. Their mission is to design and create very unique jewelry that blends fashion, art, science, and craftsmanship!


Princess Blue, Pepper Green, Lemon Verbena, Turquoise, Soft Mint, Pearl Ivory, Rose Gold, Raspberry, Living Coral, Chocolate, Winter Lilac, Meadowbrook, Creme Peche, Galaxy Blue, Deep Red, Bluestone, Eden

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