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Michael Michaud – Nasturtium Collection – 16″ adjustable Necklace


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Nasturtium Collection – 16″ adjustable Necklace


Nasturtiums are known for their circular shaped leaves and warm colored flower petals, as well as their presence in an array of culinary dishes! There are two main varieties of this uniquely shaped flowering plant: climbing or trailing, and bush types. Whether incorporated into vibrant spring salads or infused into vinegar, this fully edible flower can both blanket garden walls and add life to any recipe.

Materials: Cast bronze with a hand patina finish. Accented with 24k gold and gunmetal finishes.

Measures: 16-18 ” long with an adjustable clasp.



Michael Michaud began his career at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology’s school for American craftsmen, and graduated in 1980. Over the years, Michael has developed his unique and highly recognizable Michael Michaud Jewelry line. He begins each piece by creating a model from natural elements and then transforms these models into his beautiful jewelry collection. Each exquisitely detailed piece is crafted in the USA, using high quality bronze, sterling silver or gold, and various natural stones and pearls, and cast in bronze using the artisan’s special lost wax technique.

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