Seascape Round Vase-Aqua


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Product Description

Seascape Round Vase

Master glass-maker, Richard Glass, creates decorative yet functional works of art inspired by the ocean’s swirling, tumbling waves.

He handcrafts these abstract seascapes from layers of clear crystal and colored powder. As they heat up in the kiln, the materials twist and fold to create organic, ocean-like swirls and patterns. Once it cools the piece is sandblasted, giving it a unique frosted finish that feels analogous to mist rising up from the sea.

Whether you use these vessels for their function or keep them displayed as a work of art, Richard’s designs will surely give your home a touch of elegance from the deep blue sea!


About the Artist:

Richard Glass’ work captures the essence of his location in the South West of England and he is inspired by the stunning moors and beaches that surrounds him. His signature series will expand and continue to be influenced by his love of the coast. Each piece of work is signed with the studio name, makers mark and the title of the piece.